Units to be Assigned Costs Jabari Steel Company has two departments, Casting and Rolling. In the Rolling Department, ingots from the Casting Department are rolled into steel sheet. The Rolling Department received 41,600 tons from the Casting Department in October. During October, the Rolling Department completed 43,000 tons, including 3,100 tons of work in process on October 1. The ending work in process inventory on October 31 was 1,700 tons. How many tons were started and completed during October? fill in the blank 1 of 1 tons

The number of tons started and completed during October can be calculated by adding the beginning work in process inventory (3,100 tons) to the tons received from the Casting Department (41,600 tons), and then subtracting the ending work in process inventory (1,700 tons).

Tons started and completed = Beginning work in process + Tons received - Ending work in process Tons started and completed = 3,100 tons + 41,600 tons - 1,700 tons Tons started and completed = 43,000 tons

Therefore, 43,000 tons were started and completed during October.