write a verse in which the code 0381 will be encrypted

In shadows deep, a code concealed, 0381 whispers secrets sealed. Through cipher's dance, it finds its way, Encryption's veil, to keep at bay.

Digits twirl, their meaning lost, In tangled web, lines intercrossed. Each number masked, a cryptic art, Guarding truths within its heart.

Zero, three, eight, one align, Their sequence hidden, by design. A puzzle woven, complex and sly, Where knowledge hides, 'neath veiled sky.

Cracking this enigma, a daunting quest, For only those with skills possessed. Decoding whispers, breaking the seal, Unveiling mysteries, none can conceal.

So let the curious minds embark, On this encrypted, cryptic arc. Seeking the truth, within the haze, Of code 0381's mystifying maze.